How and Where To Get the Best Vintage Floor Lamps

Take a look at any royal picture taken in the 70s or 80s around winter. You will always notice something that will draw your eyes to a vintage floor lamp. Well, they were popular in those days and for one reason or another, it was hard not to live with one. They were the hallmarks of good living rooms back then. They still are, only that they are now hard to come by. For the few available ones, you often have no choice but to part with more money than you may have planned. So just how and where do you shop for the best vintage floor lamps? What should you check to ensure authenticity?

great vintage floor lamps

Pawn shops

They are the best places to shop for vintage floor lamps hands down. But even then, it does not hurt a trifle to ensure that your preferred pawn broker is not in the business just for the money. Take a look at all the other vintage items on sale at the pawn shop. Do they look genuine? Do they look old? All these can be crucial pointers as to whether you are getting value for your money or not.

Previous owners

People often ignore this point yet it happens to be one of the most important factors to consider. If you can know who previously owned the vintage floor lamp, then that is certainly enough to let you know you are getting the real deal. It may be hard to sometimes know who previously owned the lamp, so be sure to check if there are initials on the lamp stand or even an address.

sophisticated vintage brass floor lamps

Don’t shop online

Of course you can break this rule, but the gist of the whole ‘rule’ revolves around the fact that it is hard to know if the snaps of the vintage items you see on online stores are real. Keep in mind too that there are household names when it comes to online shopping for vintage and modern floor lamps. Try such popular vendors but be sure to check their return and shipping policies. For vintage brass floor lamps however, it is wise not to shop online. They are rare and chances are, the few ones sold online may be replicas.

cool floor lamps vintage

Go for popular designs

Any antique item collector will tell you for a fact that when it comes to vintage floor lamps, The Dragon Fly Lamp takes the medal. The design is simply irresistible and adds that vintage touch to your room with ease. It features breathtaking stained tiffany glasses which needless to say, are delicate. This leads to the next point on how take care of that precious vintage floor lamp.

Consider restoration

Old and antique vintage floor lamps are without a doubt delicate. It is therefore a wise idea to have them placed at strategic places that will save you from the inconvenience of moving them around. Do keep in mind too, that there are several restoration services available mostly for vintage items. Some are as you would expect, expensive while other are at the very least, affordable. Find out more online, compare prices and choose vintage item restoration services that you can afford.

elegant antique vintage floor lamps

The real deal

You can always save some money even when shopping for rare floor lamps vintage. All you need to do is be extra cautious, know your options and of course find online and offline vendors who can allow you to bargain. This may be hard but it is certainly doable. There are also vintage item clubs online where you can exchange unique vintage items with other items, so be sure to check such clubs and actively participate in their forums.