Glaming Up Rooms Without Straining The Wallet With Cheap Chandeliers

Chandeliers still hold importance as status symbol and with cheap chandeliers even small budget homes can have the feel of standing in the society. They are just not a great addition to a room, they are the decorative focal point of a room. The way they add elegance to a room, no other light fixtures can. Even vintage floor lamps are known for their classic appeal but it is the scattering effect of light, which falls through a chandelier and illuminates the room uniformly and artistically.

Thrift stores, second hand stores, garage sales, flea market and online shopping, these are some sure shot ways to procure cheap chandeliers. The online discounts and coupons make shopping all the more alluring.

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Cheap Crystal Chandeliers

Crystal chandeliers are expensive due the amount of labor that goes into cutting, polishing and refining the crystal, glass however, cheaper versions give a similar look minus the expanse. It can also be cut, shaped, blown or molded to mimic crystal. Although, it might not be enough impressive but the cost is almost a fifth or third of an authentic one. Optic acrylic could also be substituted for crystal. A combination of these materials with minimal crystal details, with an addition of metallic glint can bring the budget down considerably.

Cheap Chandeliers for Weddings

These add the final touch to the setting of a perfect wedding. A formal event is brightened by these fixtures, which can be suspended from the chuppah, open air dining area or a tent. They glam up the ambiance in their own right. Rentals are the best options for setting the mood for a dream wedding. With a variety to choose from in material and size, one can opt for those that won’t pinch the pocket but would lend the touch of tradition to the event.

Cheap Chandeliers for Girls Rooms

Delicacy, intricacy and beauty, these are the qualities that are usually associated with girls rooms. Soft colors, florals and light effects are also a preference. White ceramic in combination with metal in traces, adorned with pastel flowers seems just in sync with fairy tales. The mirrored varieties are highly reflective and perfect for catching light, they make the light dazzle. An overwhelming modern effect can also be achieved by small mirror pieces that resemble crystal. The gold and silver accents, plexy glass, optic acrylic, the choice is galore in the range.

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Useful Tips

With some tricks of the trade up the sleeve, now the time is just right for some tips.

  • The chandelier should be the right size, the diameter of which should roughly be calculated by adding the dimensions of room and getting it in inches.

  • For the dining room, the diameter of the fixture should be a foot less than the width of the table, measured at its widest point.

  • Too large fixtures if hung closer to ceiling do not look overwhelming.

  • They should be low enough to illuminate the room evenly but not low enough for anybody to get their head hit.

  • Dimmers if installed work great at offering a flattering light effect and save electricity as well.

  • A number of bulbs are needed to light up a chandelier, opting for CFL saves power.

  • A regular cleaning is a must to have the dazzling and shimmering effect last for a long time.

So, with an in depth knowledge about cheap chandeliers, it’s time to purchase the one that won’t strain the wallet and glam up the rooms as well!