Pendant Lights – Artistic And Functional

Pendant lighting is ideal when homes are being built or renovated. Even whenever the appearance needs to be updated, pendant lighting is the place to begin. Pendants can be traditional or modern and used in any room including bedroom, bathroom, kitchen etc. There are wide ranges of pendant lights to select from, and all reveal unique features about the home’s style.

cute pendant lights

What To Expect From Pendant Lights

Pendant lighting is very popular since it is cheap, affordable and light as compared to chandeliers and vintage floor lamps. Besides, it is a great source of lighting in workspace like the kitchen. They have attractive focal spots while still maintaining a functional source of light. They save space over a table or floor and offer more ambient lighting over larger surface areas.

A pendant light can also be referred to as a suspender or drop. It is a single light fixture that slings from the ceiling, suspended by a metal rod, chain or cord. Suspender presents a salient feature to a room. In most cases they are suspended in multiples in a straight line over dining tables, countertops, and bathrooms.

Clear Glass Pendant Lights

This type of pendants will naturally diffuse light effectively in all direction. As a result they are ideal for spaces such as bathroom and kitchen. Metals with glossy finishes like brushed nickel and polished chrome can also assist to reflect light.

Drum Shaped Pendant Lights

Those made of clothes need to be placed in living room since clothing material gathers a lot of dust easily. Placing them in a common area or living room makes cleaning much easy with quick dusting.

Mini Pendants

They are normally not more than 10 inches wide, with downward facing light. In most cases, they are designed with the latest look and style with dazzling colored glass shades. Mini pendant lights are ideal for use in kitchen counters, dining tables, bars, and other undersized seated areas. Frequently, multiple single mini pendants are suspended in a series of at least 2-5. This is very common with modern bars and restaurants.

elegant and sophisticated vintage floor lamps

Kitchen Pendant Lights

They are commonly used over the stove, sink and in the dining areas. They come in many different varieties and sizes. The traditional style provides plastic and metallic lights in the shape of upside down jars and bells with a few other shapes.

Pendant lights will always deliver its unique appeal in every room it is placed. They reflect the artistic taste of the homeowner while providing a functional source of lighting at a very economical price.